about me
Hey there! If you are here it means you really wanna know a bit more about myself.. well I'm Luis, I'm originally from South America, from a beautiful country called Ecuador though I've been leaving in Italy pretty much my entire life. I feel like a hybrid, having mixed habits from both cultures but it feels good to have such different roots.

Marta is my soul mate, she inspires me like nobody else and she's the reason why I became a photographer, in fact, the logo of my business is dedicated to her, such a fierce resilient human being. Sometimes overwhelming but worthy every bit.

I'm just a simple guy who likes simple things, I like to find beauty in the most ordinary things and sometimes I manage to capture those things in my images!
Photography is not just my job but also my passion, even though I haven't been doing this job full time until recently. I have worked as a graphic designer for advertising.
I have studied at the photography Academy in Genoa, and after a couple years working as an assistant for other photographers I decided to open my own business, which I'm really proud of.

I'm lucky to have a great woman at my side and it's not a rare thing that you can see her at my weddings assisting me, she's a great shooter as well.

I really hope to hear from you soon and have the opportunity to shoot your magical moments!